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About Us

Bath Bunny Rescue is a self funded rescue that takes in rabbits and guinea pigs. We offer a rescue service, as well as small boarding facilities.

We charge a small rehoming fee for each animal/bonded pair. This fee covers their food, castration/spaying (if applicable),welfare,etc whilst they’re with me and goes straight back into the rescue. Please take a look at the animals available and feel free to ask any questions.

Can’t commit to having your own rabbit? Would you consider donating or volunteering at the rescue? This donation would help me to continue to help animals in my care and also others that come in.

Please help the rescue continue with their good efforts by donating to the rescue if you can. Every little helps and even a small amount really helps.

How We Can Help

At Bath Bunny Rescue we aim to make the process of you rehoming your animal(s) as stress less for both you and more importantly the animal…

How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can help Bath Bunny Rescue continue their good work they do…

Bonding Advice

Before you embark on the process of bonding two rabbits, its important to understand a little bit about rabbit behaviour and to…